Who's the real Jason Pratt?
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Who am I? I once thought I knew. Then one day I went to school and my classmates started congratulating me on an editorial to a newspaper that I hadn't wrote. It turns out another man with my name, Jason Pratt, had written the article. It was indeed well thought out and made a good point.

So I started thinking, why can't I take credit for what others have done it my name? I have no good argument against that thought. So until the other aforementioned Jason Pratt writes somewhere why I can't milk other Jason Pratts' successes to feel better about myself, this web page will serve as a way for Jason Pratts around the world to compare accomplishments, brag about what we've done for our name, and show parental prospects why "Jason Pratt" would be a good choice when naming your child*


*should your family name be something other than Pratt (ie Johnson) you should consult legal professionals when naming your child Jason Pratt. A good middle name might be Oscar as I always wanted it for mine as a child but my parents didn't have enough foresight to name me Jason Oscar Pratt.


In the original version of the Communist Manefesto, Marx and Engels write,
"Working people of the world, Unite! and if Jason Pratts are free, come along"

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